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“ Museum Precious Cargo/ Association Musée des diasporas Africaine 1901”
A Travelling museum providing artistic, educational exhibitions and programming .
The private visual culture collection illustrates the achievements of the African Diasporas and beyond.

Objective : To stimulate interest in the history and culture of the African American and the Diasporas. The collection includes prints, photographs, books, journals, art, three dimensional objects.,music, videos and slides. Some acquisitions are derogatory and controversial however explains how discrimination and racism is constructed. The majority of the collection consists of national heritage material from the Unites States of America.

Services: Honorarium provided upon request
Exhibition of original archives and duplications in the classroom, library, cultural center or private space. The audience contemplates the presentation and are encouraged to choose an archive that interest them.A historically accurate lecture is provided. Discussion, question and answer session commences. Selected objects are hands on. Students are encouraged to reflect, write and/or create art projects. This project is suitable for all levels. 1 Day and longer projects are available. The artist will travel anywhere.

Educators: The program supplements the curriculum, art, history, social studies, civic responsibility, and English language. The artist can work with the educators to create a project to correspond with their couse work. Private or group conferences are available to help with the diffusion of information.
Examples of presentation available upon request.
Educational packets and plastification images are available for purchase.

Specialty Themes: Basic Black history, Civil Rights movement in the United States,
Transatlantic Slave Trade and its legacy, Reparations WHY?, African and American art, Image of the Blacks in European art, African and African American, Negritude movement in France, Post colonial visual, culture Racial discrimination.

Resume and Letters of recommendation are available.
Museum Precious Cargo has been presented in Europe and in the Americas since 1984.U.S.A: Bolden Gallery, University of Virginia, Children’s Discovery Museum, Charlottesville Public School, Anchorage Alaska Museum Germany : Amerika Haus.United Kingdom : Victoria & Albert Museum, London. University of Cambridge, Liverpool Institute of Higher Education, Greenwich Museum, Pontypridd Historical and cultural center, Wales. Honduras C.A. : U.S. Embassy, American School, Instituto Hondureno de Cultura del Interamericana Portugal : Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, NATO, American School. China 1981 Luxembourg, U.S EmbassyFrance : International School of Paris, American School of Paris, Sciences Po., American Library of Paris, Université du Maine, Université Paris VII, European council of International Schools,College Martin Luther King, Lycee Buffon, American Library in Paris, Universitie Orlans, Ecole Polytecnique, IUFM, Foundation Pernod Ricard,
Villa Arson, Nice…..

Cheryl Ann bolden 33 0643502765.

Musée D’Orsay presentation of African American Artist
Henry Ossawa Tanner b.June 21,1859
U.S.A. d.May 25,1937 Paris,Fr
Lycée Jean Lenoir, Bondy, 2011

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